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Experience Nicaragua off the beaten track

What would a visit to a cocoa farm be without chocolate? Our cocoa tour is a feast for the senses, from which you can take your own chocolate creations home with you. But we have even more to offer: How about a fishing trip by boat? For a very special experience come and visit our remote finca, where you can milk cows and make cheese.

Cacao-tour & chocolate making

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cacao and discover the secrets of the perfect chocolate. We take you on a journey of the senses where you discover our sustainable cacao forest and try yourself out as chocolate makers.


As you stroll through our shady cocoa forest, you will learn everything about the legendary cocoa tree, the “Gold of the Maya”. We explain to you how we manage our sustainably plantation and will provide valuable facts about cultivation and history of cacao. You will also learn what role cocoa plays in the various countries of Latin America, both traditionally and today. ​

But that's not all: After our walk, you can get creative making your own artisanal chocolate. Find out how a cacao pod turns into a delicacy and what makes a really good chocolate. You can then take your homemade piece of happiness with you as a souvenir or travel provisions.

Boat trip on the Río San Juan

Join us on a journey of discovery through the untouched wilderness of the Rio San Juan and experience the beauty and diversity of this unique region by motorboat!


Explore the banks of the majestic Rio San Juan, where we'll look for different species of monkeys, sloths and iguanas. The ornithological part is particularly interesting, as a large number of water birds have made this region their home. There are two options: Either we drive upriver to a small creek that takes us into the dense jungle. Or we choose the route downstream to an island near the village of "La Esperanza", where you will find numerous opportunities for fishing and relaxation. You decide where the journey should go!

One the trails of the "campesinos"

A trip to our finca takes you to the roots of Nicaragua. Discover the true heart of the country on our 20-acre farm, nestled in the region's rural beauty. Our tour offers an authentic experience that gives you an insight into the local culture and traditions.


Experience the everyday life of Nicaraguan farmers: Learn how to milk cows and make the typical Nicaraguan cream cheese "cuajada". Hike through lush cow pastures and fields where we grow cassava, sugar cane, corn and beans and enjoy the taste of freshly picked fruits: limes, tangerines, guanabana, water apples or coconuts - depending on the season. On a walk through our natural forest, you can discover the diversity of tropical flora and fauna. Or explore the surrounding area on horseback. You can end the day in the country relaxing with a refreshing swim in the river.

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