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Cacao. The most beautiful way to build a forest.

Sustainable cacao farm, Río San Juan, Nicaragua
Cabin, cacao tour & botanical garden

Cacao forest

Cocoa can be perfectly integrated into a forest system, because it grows best with other plants. This creates a species-rich ecosystem that does not require any pesticides or chemical fertilizers – a classical food forest.


Take a break from traveling and stop off in the countryside of Nicaragua. Stay in our comfortable cabin overlooking the lush cacao forest and garden. Bird watchers in particular will get their money's worth here.


On our cocoa tour you will learn everything about cocoa and can even make your own chocolate. Our do you want something more exciting? Explore the unique flora and fauna of the Rio San Juan by boat or take a trip to our finca, where you can milk cows and make cheese.

Botanical garden

In our botanical garden we combine nature conservation, study and relaxation. Enjoy the beauty of tropical flora on a digitally guided tour, unique in all of Central America.




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