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Crowdfarming - joining together for a greener world

With your tree sponsorship you are giving a piece of nature back to the world and support the residents in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Cocoa plant sprouts from the bean

This is how it works

Option 1: Tree sponsorship

We plant your cacao tree, take care of it and regularly inform you about its development.

As a tree sponsor, you will get your own cacao tree in our cacao forest. We ensure that it thrives in its diverse environment, grows healthily and soon bears fruit. To not confuse it with others, we will give your tree a name. Yorleni, an artist from the neighboring town, will create a hand-painted sign that will be attached to your tree. Twice a year we report on how your protege is doing and what's new from us.


You do not enter into any long-term commitments with your sponsorship, you can extend it year by year. Of course, we would be happy if you supported our project permanently, as this allows us to manage the cacao forest sustainably and implement projects related to permaculture and reforestation.

Option 2: One-time support

For planting a new tree in our cacao forest.

You are not that keen on chocolate, but would you like to support reforestation and the protection of forest areas? Then this is just right for you. We plant a tree for you that supports biodiversity in our cocoa forest. This can be a local tree such as lime, tangerine, annona, starfruit or avocado, precious wood such as mahogany, cedro, almendro or other rare native species, or a supportive species that provides nitrogen, controls pests naturally or attracts insects.

For any further questions, just write us an email. We will get in contact with you!

How your support is used

Hand-painted name tag "Wall-E"

Artist Yorleni designed these beautiful name tags for us.

Fairly paid work

The major part of your sponsorship contribution goes towards maintaining our cacao forest. Local workers look after the plants and improve the cycles in the cocoa forest all year round. There is always something to do: Natural fertilizers and soil improvers must be produced, the drainage maintained and the water supply in the dry season secured, a shelter and a material storage facility set up. Once our trees get productive, there is even more work: Harvesting, fermenting and drying are important steps to produce high quality cacao.


The unemployment rate in Nicaragua is very high, especially in the countryside. Workers often work on a daily base, their opportunities depend on the season. In the cacao forest we are creating a permanent, fairly paid job.


The name tags for our trees a crafted by Yorleni, who lives in the neighboring town of “El Castillo”. Our orders support the artist with an additional income to contribute to her living expenses.

Better income for cocoa farmers

Nicaraguan cacao farmers usually live far away from towns and often depend on what they grow on their land. Some have joined together in a cooperative in order to process and comercialize their products and earn some extra money. This allows them to purchase what they do not produce themselves. Usually the fermented and dried cocoa beans are bought in bulk by large corporations and are exported. The largest profits are made abroad and do not benefit the cocoa farmers.


By having your cocoa gifts made locally, we create a source of income for the cocoa farmers and their families. Unfortunately, shipping the cocoa packet is relatively expensive. It costs around 20 euros. If you do without chocolate the equivalent value flows directly into our sustainable projects or reduce your annual sponsorship contribution. Decide which you like better.

Sustainable projects

With the remaining revenues that do not flow into management and chocolate production, we implement projects that protect forests and nature and strengthen sustainable ways of thinking among the population. We regularly report on our project page which projects we are planning and implementing.

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