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Your connection to us in Nicaragua

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Cacao-tour & chocolate making

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of cacao and discover the secrets of the perfect chocolate. We take you on a journey of the senses where you discover our sustainable cacao forest and try yourself out as chocolate makers.


As you stroll through our shady cocoa forest, you will learn everything about the legendary cocoa tree, the “Gold of the Maya”. We explain to you how we manage our sustainably plantation and will provide valuable facts about cultivation and history of cacao. You will also learn what role cocoa plays in the various countries of Latin America, both traditionally and today. ​

But that's not all: After our walk, you can get creative making your own artisanal chocolate. Find out how a cacao pod turns into a delicacy and what makes a really good chocolate. You can then take your homemade piece of happiness with you as a souvenir or travel provisions.

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