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Creating a botanical garden

Moment, linger a while, you're so fair? No, here in Nicaragua there are always new projects. This summer we spontaneously created a botanical garden. Actually, we just wanted to improve rainwater management on the property, and then our specially recruited volunteer Franz from France (botanist and landscape gardener) came around the corner with his idea...

Volunteer Franz plans the project using the simplest means but passion

We were immediately hooked: a walking route through a flower and orchard garden that leads into the cocoa forest. Of course! So over the last three months we have not only diligently created paths for comfortable and safe strolling, but we have also added a succulent area, a herb and medicinal garden, an orchid house, a pergola walkway and a palm grove to our poperty with disorganized flower beds and fruit trees.

A System of professionally made paths leads through the botanical garden

The orchid house is a perfect biotope for all tropical shade plants

With our workers we lifted boulders, hauled tons of stones and got two truckloads of bamboo canes. We sawed, hammered and nailed. Here in Nicaragua it's all done by hand. An unimaginable human achievement, especially considering the heat!

A stone desert in which drought-loving plants thrive even in the rainy season

For a long time it looked as if our original project would fall by the wayside. But shortly before the rainy season began, we were even able to find a backhoe loader to dig a canal that now collects the excess rainwater in a large wet zone with a small lagoon.

Where there was previously a confusing swamp area, the genious water landscape soon will delight the eye

Now it's time to look out for plants, in order to collect or buy them. Sow, transplant and rearrange. And of course we have to propagate many existing plants so that our little cocoa paradise becomes even more beautiful in the coming years. And of course the plants still have to be cataloged and labeled.

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